Dr. Conrad Bowden

As a clinical psychologist I am trained in the assessment of children, including psychometric testing, projective testing and diagnosis. A diagnosis is made when it is in the best interests of the child and when services and interventions can only be assessed once an appropriate diagnosis has been made.

Educational assessments of children and youth

Educational assessments measure children's intellectual ability and academic achievement and are essential in cases of suspected learning disabilities. They are also important in identifying slow as well as gifted learners. Proper assessment leads to the formation of appropriate teaching plans and an understanding of the adaptations necessary for school success.

Behavioral assessments of children and youth

Children of all ages can develop behavioral problems some of which may be related to parenting style. Other common issues related to the development of behavior problems include: birth trauma such as extended labor or fetal distress; innate temperament such as great sensitivity and difficulty in self soothing; trauma such as the loss of a parent through separation or death; and undiagnosed learning difficulties.

Mental health assessments of youth

Mental health assessments determine an adolescent's mental state and help in the formation of appropriate interventions and support. These assessments may be undertaken when mental difficulties are suspected or when a youth with no prior history of difficulties begins to flounder.