Sara Woodwark, MA

Several forms of counselling are provided in our office. We are all parents as well as specifically trained in child development and parenting skills. We understand our own strengths and weaknesses and can make sure you talk to the individual with the set of skills and background most suitable for addressing your concerns.

Parenting advice

Many parenting issues are easy to resolve especially when tackled early before they become entrenched. Sometimes all that is required is an objective person to help you sort out what will work best for you and your child. With most children there are many right ways to parent.

Educational counselling

The homework wars, video game obsessions, academic underachievement and bullying are just some of the common educational concerns parents frequently present with. Gail has the greatest amount of experience in these issues as well as in understanding the educational system from the “inside”.

Individual therapy with children, youth and adults

Sometimes specific treatment is required to address trauma or other more serious types of issues. For instance, a parent's own upbringing may have resulted in emotional “baggage” that inters with the parent developing the type of relationship they would like with their child. Or a child may have attachment issues due to a separation from the parent or due to a later age adoption. Clinical treatment for these and other issues can be provided. Sara and Conrad both have years of experience providing in depth counseling to help indivudals reach their potential.